Millions live in states with abortion bans. They are in danger. You can help right now.

Post Roe, fourteen states have enacted complete abortion bans; several others have imposed six-week bans. Denial of abortion leads to higher rates of pregnancy-related death and illness, higher rates of depression, suicide, domestic violence, poverty—banning abortion violates human rights and public health.

Restoring reproductive rights in the U.S. will take years, but we don’t have to wait to provide people the care they need. Medication abortion is safe, effective, and accessible via telemedicine, even for people living in banned states.

A growing number of people in Florida, Louisiana, Missouri, Texas, and other banned states are getting medication abortion pills in the mail via telemedicine. Clinicians are providing this care for a fraction of the cost of traveling out-of-state, often covering the costs out of pocket for the roughly one-fifth of patients who can’t afford it.

Healthcare Across Borders reimburses them for a share of their losses, ensuring continued care for those who need it most. But we need your help: our reimbursements come from contributions from people like you, and donations are tax-deductible.

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